3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing is a process of creating real objects on the base of digital project. It’s very helpful when making prototypes and even final products.

We offer different technologies of 3D Printing: FDM, DLP and stereolitography.

The first one is a process of creating model with molden plastic, layer by layer. It is relatively fast and cheap. There are many types of filament, which we can print. The whole range of colours and material types. The most popular ones are PLA and PETG. They are durable, cheap and easy to print. We also offer printing with other materials, such as an ABS (higher temperature durability), PC (policarbon – transparent, more accurate and has higher resistance for bending), flexible filament, filaments with addition of wood (awesome final look) or with addition of metals (for prototyping purposes).

Examples of use: prototyping, creating figures and models, replacement parts, mechanisms etc.

DLP depends on resin, which is also applied layer by layer. This technology is based on stereolitography. It is a process in which laser is drawing layers on a thin sheet of photoreactive resin. When laser burns this resin it is becoming solid. Then the whole print is moved a little bit higher, allowing laser to create next layers. DLP, by using laser offers much higher accuracy of prints. There are also several types of resins. Except for normal which is used for most of prints, we can print with biocompatible resins with can be used for dental or medical applications. We can also print with castable resins (e.g. BlueCast), which are used mainly with jewellery. This type of resin allows you to make metal elements with very high quality.

Examples of use: jewellery, high quality parts, mechanisms, dental & medical apllications, creation of casts etc.

Stereolitography uses powder to create new layers. A thin layer is laid and the header of the printer sinters it. This technology is much faster and its main attribute is an ability to create prints in colors. We have two printers that works in this technology: ProJet MJP 2500 and ProJet CJP 660Pro. Both of them allows us to create prints fast and with high accuracy.

Examples of use: models with colors, “last minute” prints etc.


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